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4 free social media ideas for companies looking to extend their Employer Brand on LinkedIn


The phrase “Employer Brand” has taken on a life of its own the last few years. Companies are investing more and more in their Employer Brand–mostly because they have to! Talent is at a premium in 2022 and employers know it. So, simply posting open positions on LinkedIn and Indeed ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

And as more companies have started to bring these Employer Brands to life on social, I see many going through the motions–essentially doing the same thing every other brand is doing.

Let’s talk about our culture. Let’s showcase our people. Let’s promote our jobs.

That’s essentially it, right? And to a large extent, none of that is wrong. Those are all pillars of any successful Employer Brand strategy on social.

However, I feel like creativity is lacking–in a big way–in this area right now. So, I thought I’d inject some new ideas into the conversation! Here are 4 free ideas for my social/comms friends who may be helping HR teams out with Employer Brand strategies on social.

1 – Branded graphics for new employees, anniversaries

By now, you’ve probably had a friend or former colleague celebrate a new job on LinkedIn. And you’ve also probably seen the somewhat lame graphics LinkedIn provides for you to make that post. I get it, LinkedIn is trying to give people generic graphics to use for these very popular occasions.

But what a big opportunity for brands.

Why not create YOUR OWN branded template and send it to new employees prior to their first day with the company (or, a week before an existing employee celebrates a big work anniversary)?

A handful of smart companies are already doing this, like Patterson Companies. However, this feels like a lay-up for most brands to differentiate and customize the experience (and promotion) a bit.

2 – Ask 4-5 key employees to “cover” big company events

One of the most over-rated tactics in all of social media marketing has to be the employee advocacy program. I have seen very few pull it off well–mostly because they’re over-relying on lame tools that make content cookie-cutter and beyond boring. Instead of wasting your time with one of those programs, why not bring your culture (and people) to life by hand-picking 4-5 LinkedIn rock stars and asking them to “cover” your next big company event. I’m thinking about companies like Sleep Number, a former client of mine. Why couldn’t they ask a few key people to serve, essentially, as roving reporters at an event like the NFL Draft, which I believe they still sponsor. Wouldn’t that be an interesting and engaging way for them to show what it’s like to work for Sleep Number–and be a part of a world-class event and partnership?

3 – LinkedIn Live interviews with your recruiters

I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen more of this so far. Conducting a LinkedIn Live interview with a recruiter would have so many benefits for Employer Brands. It would put a face on the recruiting process–an actual person! This is desperately needed for almost any company as almost everyone despises the entire application process (especially for bigger companies). What’s more, you could address, head-on, many of the tough, and common, questions you routinely receive from applicants. This just makes too much sense. That’s why brands aren’t doing it, right? 🙂

4 – Routinely poll your audience on tough questions

One of the most unused formats on LinkedIn has to be the poll. And sure, you’re probably not going to get thousands of responses (unless your name is Microsoft or Walmart). However, couldn’t Employer Brands use the poll function on LinkedIn as a way to get smarter about their potential applicants? Couldn’t you poll people on what they’re hearing about our company? What obstacles are stopping them from applying? Or, what are the most important benefits to you when selecting a company?




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