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23 #FirstWorldPRproblems


We’ve all see the hash tag on Twitter: #firstworldproblems.

My Starbucks was too hot.

My iPhone isn’t fast enough.

My drone-delivered book didn’t get to my house within the allotted 30 minutes (OK, so that’s a tweet from 2018–I’m trying to create a light-hearted tone here so stay with me!).


It’s a long list of #firstworldproblems (don’t cry, James Van Der Beek). Apparently, we have more problems than we thought 🙂

But, what about first world “PR” problems?

Those we haven’t heard as much about. But, they exist.

Oh, do they exist.

I was so sure they existed, I polled my friends on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s what they had to say:


Keri-Ann Stanton, Joe Public Relations


Kasey Skala, @kmskala, Great Clips

$9.95 for GoGo inflight…ugh.


Jeremy Pepper, @jspepper, independent PR consultant

Startup CEOs thinking they know what PR is.


Jenny Schmitt, @cloudspark, Cloudspark

When you forget to bring your phone charger on a trip.


Lisa Grimm, @lulugrimm, space150

Not being able to focus on any one thing – being tapped for so many different things.


Ryan May, @mnpr, RDM Consulting

Forgetting/Misplacing client social media passwords.


Katie Miller, @katiemillermn, OLSON

When there isn’t an open conference room. Overdosing on the free food in the cafeteria. Dead phone from tweeting a conference….


Karen Swim, @karenswim, Words For Hire

An abundance of tools and technological solutions – double edged sword.


Jason Mollica, @jasmollica, JRM Comm

My Facebook Page app not working properly.


Amanda Oleson, @amandaoleson, MagnetStreet

I can’t get my texts and emails to send from my phone in my garage.


Nicole Harrison, @socialnicole, SocialNicole

Facebook page manage mobile app does not allow editing on photo description once posted – have to go to desktop to edit AND you can reply to individual comments on the app have to do that on desktop too!


Lauren Gray, @laurenkgray, Finn Partners

Can’t access email, client accounts, social emergencies or update Instagram when underground in the NYC subway.


Mike Schaffer, @mikeschaffer, Edelman Digital

Sometimes, the WiFi at coffee shops I work from is slow.


Allan Schoenberg, @allanschoenberg, CME Group

My phone crashes because I have too many apps open at once trying to post to too many places and I’m reading tweets and blogs at the same time.


Jason Keath, @jasonkeath, Social Fresh

Celebrities tweeting for your client and starting the tweet with an @ symbol

Trying to figure out if Twitter or Facebook are down or if you just have bad wifi


Barbara Nixon, @barbaranixon, Shiloh Technologies

Running out of half-and-half.


Blair Jaffe Klein, @bklein34, AT&T

Facebook admins Like brand page as themselves from FB mobile app so it shows up as brand liking own post.


Bridget Monroe, Bellmont Partners



Judy Carter, Brunsfield North Loop

Dan Brandt, Karwoski & Courage



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