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18 tips to feed your blog beast


On Saturday, I had the opportunity to lead a discussion around blogging at one of my favorite local event: Unsummit. I attended my first Unsummit last fall and really enjoyed the more laid back feel, conversational tone and fact that many speakers are not the “same ol same ol” you see at events around town–and the country.

My topic of choice on Saturday? How to feed your blog beast. Specifically, 18 tips to feed your blog beast. We all want to blog more, right? But, time and a lack of ideas usually get in the way. In this short Prezi, I gave the audience 18 approaches that can help them keep their blog going more regularly.

I also wanted to feature examples from bloggers I admire–folks like Dave Fleet, Amber Naslund, Gini Dietrich, Melissa Berggren, Kellye Crane, David Griner, Rochelle Veturis and Tony Saucier. So, with each time, I talked through an example of one blogger who does this well.

Below is the Prezi I worked from for the Unsummit session Saturday. Just as I asked the group Saturday–what would you add to this list of tips?



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