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16 people I’d love to have coffee with in 2019


If you feel like you’ve read this post before, it’s because you have. Kinda.

This “coffee” post has become a bit of an annual tradition. And, truthfully, it’s more of a way to hold myself accountable than anything else.

And, before we go any further, I should hold myself accountable for my 2018 list. Here’s the list of folks from that list I DID have coffee with in the last 12 months (all new people to me):

  • Kristin Zima, Optum
  • Felicia Johnson, Minnesota Vikings
  • Casey Hall, formerly of Thomson Reuters
  • Nick Curtis, TCF
  • Katie Heinze, Post Brands
  • DJ Hamm, Securian
  • Whitney Swanson, Optum
  • Tara Olson Medina, Aveda

So, 8 of 14–not too bad! I missed the following folks in 2018 for coffee:

  • Adam Kmiec, United Health Care
  • Jen Alcott, Best Buy
  • Sarah Hennen Carter, Nature’s Way
  • Ellie Anderson, Grifin Archer
  • Elise Bartlett, Life Time (however, looks like we’re getting coffee on the calendar in January!)
  • Meghan McAndrews, Hearth & Home

As I look ahead to 2019, I’m hoping to meet up with the following (new to me) individuals:

Anna Squibb, Land O Lakes

Met her a couple times during her stint at Sleep Number, so not 100% “new. Time to reconnect!


Greg Bury, Medica

Feels like we met during my time at Fairview years ago. But, just can’t recall. Time to right that wrong!


Joel Leeman, Thomson Reuters

Casey Hall pointed me his way. And, I trust Casey Hall.


Maria Lettman, Fairview

Sue Serna pointed me her way. And I trust Sue Serna.


Dave Schneider, Red Wing Shoes

Not sure I’ve EVER had coffee with a CMO before. Hoping to change that with Dave in 2019 (bonus: he seems to be a big golf fan–looks like we’ve both been to at least one Masters!)


Marie Yarroll, Cargill

We met (briefly) at a recent happy hour outing. I’m kinda cheating because we already have plans to meet up in January.


Bethany Iverson, The Coven

I’ve heard her name for years, but saw her moderate a panel at MIMA Summit this past fall. Without question, the funniest (and maybe best) moderator I’ve seen. That alone is worth a coffee!


Monica Wiant, US Bank

I’ve enjoyed her articles on LinkedIn over the last year-plus and have always thought she seemed very interesting. You can just tell she puts a lot of thought into what she writes.


Whitney McChane, Dairy Queen

With the new leadership position at DQ, I’m sure she’s getting hit up for coffee by everyone. This one will be tough.


Chris Carpenter, Medtronic

Big brand experience with UHC, Carlson and General Mills. 95 U of M grad. Seems like we might have a few things in common.


Talia Wischmann, Fast Horse

Feels like I should know, Talia, as she works with many friends over at Fast Horse.


Madeline Riggs, Children’s Hospitals

I’ve always been a huge fan of Children’s and what they do. So, always looking to meet new people over there.


Brett Weinberg, Allianz

ALWAYS interested in meeting up with KU grads! Plus, he has a big B2B background which intrigues me.


Courtney Finn, MN Children’s Museum

Interesting job at the Children’s Museum. Also: I’m sure we have many common friends given her time at Weber Shandwick.


John Feld, Securian

Feel like I’ve “known” John for years as he’s been in the industry almost as long as I have. Feels like it’s time to meet up.


Jen Alcott, Best Buy

My one hold-over from last year. I’m determined!



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