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14 pragmatic social media trends to watch in 2021


Every year, about this time, I typically present to the local Social Media Breakfast chapter on the topic of social media trends. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. I don’t get down to the SMB meetings as much as I used to, so it’s a chance for me to reconnect with old friends–and meet a few new folks.

However, this year, that’s been put on hold obviously. But, I still put together my annual trends deck. Mostly because I enjoy doing it! But, this year, I took a slightly different tack. I offered it up to clients, partners and a few other select folks (including the team at Maccabee–you can see that full recording here).

It’s been a blast. So far, I’ve given the presentation 8 times! And, since we’re already past the mid-way point of January, I thought I’d share it here before we get into February and I start thinking about trends for 2022! 🙂

A couple caveats as you review the deck below. First, I am not a trend expert. BUT–I do read a lot each week. I have to–for this blog, for our podcast, for my enewsletter, for class. And I love keeping my finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our industry.

Second, my trend presentations usually tend to lean a bit more pragmatic than some. The trends I talk about are things I believe will impact a lot of people. If you’re looking for bright shiny objects, this is NOT your presentation.

With that, here’s 14 social media trends I believe you’ll see in the year ahead.



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