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12 holiday gifts for that digital PR pro on your list


XmasLightsI didn’t want to write a holiday blog post. I really didn’t. But, I’m forcing myself to get in the holiday spirit a little early this year (I’m a guy–a week is plenty early!). As I shopped for family and friends this week, I kept wondering: What would be the ideal gift for my digital PR colleagues?


Instead of perusing Amazon, walking aimlessly around the Mall of America or making my own list of suggestions, I thought I’d ask a few of my digital PR peers for their thoughts.

As a result, they came up with the following list. Enjoy. And spend wisely:

* Kodak Zi8. By now, most everyone knows about the Flip. But have you heard about the Kodak Zi8? It’s quickly gaining a rep as the pocket video camera for PR pros. It can shoot HD in 1080p, has an external mic jack and can shoot five megapixel stills. Take that Flip Ultra HD! And, it comes with a SDHC card slot. (via Amy Mengel and Sarah Evans)

pokenPULSE* Poken Pulse. Know a friend who has a hard time keeping track of all their business contacts? Look no further than the Poken. Yeah, it’s a funny name, but it’s a pretty darn useful business tool for PR pros who accumulate business contacts by the fistfuls. And, the design has come a long way since the original version. (via Sarah Evans and Lauren Fernandez)

* TED associate membership. A little unorthodox, yes. But tomorrow’s PR professional needs to be smarter not just about new PR and digital tools and strategies, but also about science, music, politics and life in general. After all, TED’s tagline, “ideas worth spreading”, syncs up pretty tightly with our world, does it not? At $995, an associate membership will get you access to TEDtalks, the TED Book Club, conference DVDs and other special “member-only” privileges. (via Jessica Smith)

* Hub Man. Do you have one uber-geeky colleague who always has at least 2 devices plugged into his/her USB ports? Think about picking up a Hub Man. It allows you to plug in up to four portable devices to your Mac or PC. And, at only $19 you really can’t go wrong. (via Sarah Evans)

* Magazine subscriptions. Despite the wave of digital activity over the last year, most PR folks still like their hard copy magazines. For me, it’s Wired, Golf Digest and Harvard Business Review. For others, its Forbes or Esquire. Whatever the publication, think about giving an annual subscription to your friend. It’s the gift that keeps giving. The whole year. (via Stephanie Smirnov)

kindle-2* Kindle 2. Know a friend who’s always on the road? Or, have a friend in Chicago, New York or DC who rides the train to work? How about a Kindle 2? Using the Kindle 2, they could read the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times on the train in the morning and have plenty of time to finish that Dan Brown novel on the way home. If you don’t believe me, ask my friend Allan Schoenberg who’s a huge fan. (via Bethany Grabher, Allan Schoenberg, Sydney Owen)

* iPhone/Droid. You could make a pretty strong case that all PR pros should own a smart phone in today’s 24/7 news climate. The iPhone or the Droid are the clear front-runners–for now. If you’re feeling particularly generous this holiday season, why not splurge and pick up an iPhone or Droid for your favorite colleague? I can virtually guarantee it’ll be the best gift they get this year. (via Rochelle Veturis and Anthony Tham)

* Gelaskins. If the iPhone or Droid is just a bit too steep, consider “skinning” your colleagues instead. Gelaskins produces a seemingly endless array of skins for your iPhone, Droid, computer, Kinlde, iPod and just about any other kind of electronic device you might have. And, at $15-30 the price is definitely right. (via Stephanie Smirnov)

* Starbucks/Caribou gift cards. The trend is to connect with new people online, but networking in person has never been more important. Gift cards from local coffeehouses could go a long ways toward spurring your PR colleagues to do more “real life” meet ups. (via @grhansen)

mophie-juice-pack-air* Mophie Juice Pack Air. A nice tool for any iPhone user, the Mophie can give the iPhone an extra 4.5 hours of talk and Internet time, an extra 27 hours of audio playback (20 hours with iPhone 3G), and an extra 9 hours of video playback (6 hours with iPhone 3G). Invaluable for PR pros who travel regularly and dread the routine of constantly recharging. (via Len Kendall)

* Powermat. Phones. iPods. Computers. Most of us have multiple electronic devices at this point. Now you can charge them all with one charger–not 4-5 different cords–with the Powermat (man, I sound like a walking commercial for Powermat). It’s a pretty nifty piece of technology if you haven’t seen it yet. But, it’s not cheap. So reserve this gift for one of your favorite PR colleagues. (from Stephanie Smirnov)

* iTunes gift card. You think those iPhone apps grow on trees? They’re not all free. With a $25-50 gift card, your colleagues could purchase a number of valuable apps to help them communicate (Tweetie–$2.99) or get organized (Things–$9.99). (via Rochelle Veturis)

Any other holiday gift ideas for PR pros? And P.S., could someone please send this list to my parents? 😉



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